Morning routines are a must. Everyone has one! BUT is it productive, and is it focused on you? You wake. . .and what is your next action? If it’s automatically picking up your phone and consuming media. . .that’s not the way to go. Already you’re inviting outside influence and stress to your day, and you haven’t even gotten out of bed yet! You become distracted and your productivity goes downhill. Yup, just from that tiny action.


One thing that I love about morning routines, is I get time to focus on myself and set the mood for my day. Here’s what I do:

Wake up- right now it’s around 7 or 7:30

Brush teeth and wash face

Skincare Routine

Quick Foam Roll/Stretch

Take Milo out for his walk (I usually listen to a quick podcast, or do a Spanish lesson)


During that whole time I am drinking water, and hopefully finished 2 cups!


My morning routine changes every now and then, depending on what is going on in life. Now that I don’t have to work as much because of the virus, I can add in a couple more tasks to do. 


So I am challenging you to build up a healthy, relaxing and productive morning routine. Start out by choosing 3 tasks that will help you start your morning with the focus on yourself. Don’t pick up your phone until those 3 tasks are completed! 


Need some ideas for your morning routine? Here are some ideas you could use:



-Foam Roll




-Dream Journal

-Self Affirmations

-Schedule your day

-Make the bed

-Drink a full glass of H2O

-Walk outside

-Inspiring podcast

-Read for 20 min (non-fiction, self development)

-Crossword puzzle

-Water plants




-Delicious breakfast


Pick out three that you want to accomplish and get it done! It will feel so good to focus on yourself FIRST in the morning, and then you can go and attend to others afterwards.

Which ones are you going to implement in your morning? 🙂