I almost feel like people are using this stay-at-home order as an excuse to do nothing but binge-watch Netflix, play video games all day, and scroll through TikTok. I hear “there’s nothing to do” or “I’m bored”. And in reality, I think those people are missing a huge window of opportunity! 

Now is the time to work on yourself- no distractions. You have the time to finish the projects you never finished. You have time to work on your skills- or learn new ones! 

If you have “nothing to do” or just feeling bored all the time- I got you. Here is a list of things you can do that will keep you busy, and also make you feel good!



Organize your Closet- Go through your clothes and objects and decide what to keep and what to donate. IF YOU HAVEN’T USED IT IN A YEAR IT SHOULD BE DONATED.


Organize your Room- Deep cleaning! Dust, vacuum, maybe even clean the carpets! Also go through your decorations, books, whatever, and see what can be donated.


Organize your kitchen- From the fridge, to the cabinets, clean it all out! Organize your food, and cooking utensils.


Organize your Calendar- Yes! This can still be used for due dates and such! To make sure these projects are completed- put due dates on when they need to be done. You do not need any unfinished projects when this order is finally lifted.


Build your skills (Apps like Skillshare are great for this. . .also, Youtube)


You can learn sooo much, like. . .


  1. A new language (Pimsler, Duolingo are good apps)
  2. Cooking/Baking
  3. Budgeting
  4. Finances
  5. Graphic Design
  6. Photography
  7. Creative Writing
  8. Film Editing 
  9. Productivity
  10. Web Development
  11. Basic Car Repairs
  12. Photoshop
  13. Playing an Instrument
  14. Gardening
  15. Pinterest DIY
  16. Dance!
  17. Learn Tai Chi
  18. Sewing, Stitching, Patching
  19. Arts- Drawing, Painting
  20. Scrapbooking- Pick out pictures you love- print out and make an album
  21. Podcasting
  22. Blogging
  23. Meditation




Listen to a podcast- I love listening to self-development podcasts. Grab the journal, take notes, and jot down ideas!


READ- Yesss reading! There are so many fantastic books- here’s one that is a great start-> High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. Personally, I love having the actual physical copy, because then I can write in notes, highlight, and it looks fantastic on my bookshelf! Don’t have a bookshelf? Here’s a challenge- build your library of only books that you read. If you don’t care for the physical copy, or don’t have the “time to sit and read”, an audiobook would be the best fit for you. 


Journal- Journaling is the best way to help you self-reflect. Reflect on your day, mood, actions. What happened? What could you have done better? What was something exciting that happened? Vent it out and wrap it up with positivity.


Habit Learning- What are the good ones? What are the bad ones? What are the ones you want to develop? Again- High Performance Habits is the go-to book/research for you. You can get your free copy here. https://www.hpxlife.com/hph-book-step-1?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google.com&utm_campaign=hph&utm_content=search&gclid=Cj0KCQjwncT1BRDhARIsAOQF9LnlFR6o7wLXf5rWYlITYYQwBkhIywMbPU0i8-tQ-0auhcaiH9Nwo1AaAthwEALw_wcB


“Small” Challenges:


Keep your house as clean as possible lol- Your mom sent me this challenge btw. Ate food? Put the dishes away and wipe the table after yourself. Full basket of dirty clothes? Laundry time + folding and putting away! 3x a week sweep the floor. 1x a week clean the bathroom. You know what I’m talking about.


DON’T SPEND MONEY (on stupid stuff)!- This is a more serious challenge, because it’s important. Finances are tricky, especially if you were laid off, or on a break. Don’t spend money on fast food. Don’t go online and shop for things you want. Right now is the time for only getting things you NEED. It’s tough. But it’s a must. 


Create a daily blog- and be committed!


Be Active every day! Let quarantine time be your transformation month! Be the healthiest you have ever been.


My personal favorites


Ok so I love listening to self-development podcasts, but I also LOVE listening to my “trash” podcasts too! For example, my number one podcast I listen to for fun, and not learning, is called Chatty Broads. They talk about a bunch of topics, but they also REVIEW SHOWS. More specifically, reality shows lol. So I have to watch the show/episode, and then I listen to the Broads while I clean, cook, whatever. 


Another thing that I do as clean, is listening to a 30 min class with Pimsleur to work on my Spanish. It’s great because it’s audio, and I get my work done at the same time. 


Organizing my finances- I honestly squirm when working with money, but it’s important! I look at my savings, transfer money within accounts, budget, and write out what good things I did and add up the bad spendings. When you really look at the numbers, it helps you snap into reality. 


Organizing my week and writing out goals- yes. Again this can still be done, even though you feel like your back in 8th grade on summer vacation. What do you want to accomplish? What are the due dates? Time management is important people! 


I hope this helped you guys get a couple of ideas to not be bored anymore. There are a lot of things here for you! No excuse to “having nothing to do”! Let me know what you are going to take on in the comments below.