What does self-love really mean to you? To me, it means acceptance. It means strength. It means health. It means empowerment. 


It’s hard to not be influenced by social media, especially when you grow up with it. Your attention is taken by the people with the “perfect” bodies. You see how much glory they receive, so now, you pick apart your own body. Why is it not like theirs? Then, you strive to do what they do. Do whatever it is to get the most “likes”. Stop. Take a step back. . .are you really acting like yourself? I wonder sometimes if social media weren’t a thing now, would I be a different person? Would I think differently about myself?


Self-love to me means you accept yourself as you are. Inside and out. Your personality, EMBRACE it. Your quirks, OWN them. Your guilty pleasures?…SHARE them. Accept how your body looks. Don’t look in the mirror and pinpoint every little thing that you hate. Celebrate this beauty you see before you. Just because you might not be right out of the cookie-cutter, it does not make you any less valuable. 




You are valuable! In your own way, you SHINE. 


Now let’s talk about self-love, towards your body. I listed above “health” and “strength”. And for your body to have both, I believe exercise and nutrition is the way to keep your body strong. 


Your body NEEDS this love.


You should be moving all 7 days. For at least an hour, your body should be doing some kind of activity. You could be riding a bike, walking your dog, swimming with your friends, moving in some way to keep your body happy! Then, bring in your exercise. At LEAST 3-4 days out of the week, dedicate time to workout your body. Again, there are so many ways you can do that! It might sound gruesome, but after a workout, you feel so GOOD! I mean you might feel dead, but even that feels AWESOME!  

(Disclaimer: Make sure you talk with your doctor about what exercises are right for you.)


Nutrition. Fuel your body correctly. There is a difference between good food and GOOD food. You know, like the difference between a McDonald’s meal and a homemade hamburger! Or the difference between a Monster drink and your quality H2O. Make the right choices for your body. You only get one. 


Once you accept yourself and celebrate your amazing-ness, you have to ability to empower others to do the same. Reach out to others and help them to not abuse their bodies. Teach them how to take care of themselves. Help them to understand that they are amazing and strong.