Just recently, I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts- The Skinny Confidential, and they interviewed the amazing Mike Bayer. Bayer is a lifestyle coach, and has written a book titled Best Self; Be You, Only Better. In this podcast, he spoke about identifying your Best Self. I wanted to share the exercise Bayer led us through on how to identify your best self and anti-self. It’s really amazing and eye-opening! 


Take out a piece of paper and a pen/pencil, it will only take a couple of minutes!


Ok, so first list some adjectives on who you are as your best self. They can be adjectives on how you would want to act as your best self, or how you already act at your best. 


For example, my adjectives would be; happy, positive, caring, helpful, focused, productive, healthy, attentive and confident. 


Next, draw out your best self. Bayer’s best self is a Wizard named Merlin! 


This is my little drawing of myself. My best self looks happy, confident, pretty hair, great skin(can’t you tell?), and I imagine having little stars sparkling around to add some fun effect lol. 


After drawing out your best self, it is time to name them! 


My best self is Tat-Boogie. Why?? When I used to play basketball at Palomar College, my coaches nicknamed me that, for the times I would get in a good groove, making great passes, shots or moves. It really reminds me of one of the best times I have had in my life. I just want to live and perform to the best I can with that name.


Great! Now we have your best self done. Time to move on to your anti-self. The person you don’t like being. Your worst self. The person you hate being, but can’t help to be.


Start off, again, with listing adjectives you are when this side comes out of you. 


My adjectives would be; Hangry, easily annoyed, messy, unorganized, negative and impatient. 


Next step, draw out your anti-self! My anti-self looks straight out crazy. A mess. Basically a psycho.


My anti-self is named Frizz. Basically I think of hair when I think of frizz. It looks a bit messy, out of control. Basically me when I am at my worst. 

I really loved this exercise because now I have a visualization of myself when I am either of these characters. 


Think of the last time you were acting as your anti-self. What was the deal?? I can assume it didn’t make the situation better. And I bet that it didn’t make the people around you responsive either. 


Portray yourself at your best. You can control yourself on how you act. Acting as your anti-self pushes people away. They won’t listen to you, and it will just shut them down. Imagine if you go into a tough situation acting as your best self? Being your best self during the ENTIRE situation? You would probably get somewhere. 


I hope you guys enjoyed this exercise! You can check out Mike Bayer at his website; https://www.coachmikebayer.com/